The Elevated Apple Shopping Experience at Target

by | Sep 20, 2021


A few months ago, Target announced an enhanced Apple shopping experience for its guests. Building on their existing partnership with Apple, the new destination combines Apple’s newest products with Target’s convenience as a retail hub. As the new store-within-a-store debuted in select locations across the country, we asked our Contributors to report on their experiences prior to additional locations rolling out this fall.

Contributors visited the new Apple store-within-a-store at select Target locations, taking photos of the displays and answering a few questions about the in-store experience. Our Contributors shed light on the Apple brand experience, Target Tech Consultant interactions, new product displays, and the similarities and differences between the Target experience and the Apple Store.

Ross Rubin, Founder, and Principal Analyst at Reticle Research, as well as a Contributing Writer at ZDNet, recently cited Premise’s findings in an article on ZDNet: 

“Crowdsourced data firm Premise, which gathers data from contributors accepting simple real-world tasks, recently sent members of its panel to about half of the initial Apple stores-within-a store; they reported favorable impressions. Most who had visited an Apple Store said that the Target locations looked just like one. About two-thirds said staffers asked if they could help the shoppers with a particular question. And a bit less than half of the contributors became aware of an Apple product they hadn’t known about. Most significantly, though, about four out of five said that the store resulted in a better presentation of Apple products versus those of competitors that may play on a more level playing field at Best Buy.”

To learn more about the Apple and Target partnership, read Ross’s piece here.

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