Make Money By Taking Photos – New Premise App

by | Jul 23, 2019


At Premise, our goal is to help you bring certainty to your data. We are rolling out a refreshed version of the Premise app on Android and iOS to our networks. The updates are making it easier than ever for our Contributors to use the app, meaning more and faster data for our customers. 

Becoming a Premise Contributor is easy, just download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, create an account, and start completing tasks. We always want using Premise to be simple, so our team has been working for almost a year to make the Premise app easier for our global network of Contributors to operate.

A major component of this update is splitting the Premise Task Marketplace into three different sections: Survey, Locate and Explore. Tasks are split into these sections by the level of travel required, making it easier to select the tasks that match their interests and availability. 

The Survey section is comprised of easy questions that take a short amount of time and can be done from almost anywhere.

The Locate section is for sharing general information about the neighborhood you’re in. For example, we may ask for contributors to tell us about local restaurants or health facilities.  

The Explore section is for tasks that require travel to a specific location or along a set route.

Our team has been working hard to incorporate more languages into the app, including right to left languages like Dari and Arabic. We will offer the app in 27 languages by the end of the summer. When we design the app, we make sure that the app will be received the same in different countries and languages. To do that our app is translated into different languages and our team members around the globe help to spot check translations. Additionally, we take into consideration the different internet levels by country when working on each new launch. 

In order to make sure the app runs smoothly across our global networks, we work with our Country Support Specialists that are in the ground in every country we operate in. After our technical quality assurance team approved the app, we distributed it to our teams on the ground and they tested it and shared it with local users to get their feedback. In this most recent update, some of the feedback we got from users was incorporated into the newest version of the app. In the future, we hope to do more user testing for new features, because we know that a better experience for our Contributors means better data for our customers.

Overall, we have received really positive reviews of the new and improved app experience. One of our CSS’s Annagreta from Zambia said, “The new app is awesome! I love the new look.” 

We encourage our Contributors to send us any feedback they have about the app. In the app, go to Settings and click Report a Problem. Then you can send feedback about your experience using the app, along with any questions, ideas or suggestions you have.