The Rise of Hyperlocal Marketing in 2021

by | Feb 4, 2021


What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

This strategy targets potential customers present in a specific and limited geographical area. Sometimes these places are only a few streets or blocks away. Generally, it targets individuals who use the “near me” feature on their devices, such as mobile phones, when searching for a product or service.

If you ever try to find a particular business near you when you are out, you are conducting a hyperlocal search. This method helps companies sell their services and products to the people who are searching for local service providers.

Why Use a Hyperlocal Marketing Campaign?

The primary objective of hyperlocal marketing is to attract people. In other words, it helps to produce foot traffic to the physical shops or stores. It also leverages the “nearby” searches, which leads to greater profits.

 Nearby searches are among the most used features and have become famous in recent years. You may be surprised to know that “near me” and “where to buy” searches have increased by over 200% in the last few years, according to data from Google. This is because individuals are increasingly using mobile nearby search options to find almost everything, from restaurants to mechanics and from New Year’s Eve firework celebrations to post offices.

 With COVID-19, many businesses are struggling when it comes to the organic foot traffic that they had enjoyed pre-pandemic. Now is the time to focus on building hyperlocal strategies to improve your foot traffic and sales. Due to lockdown, many businesses had to close their physical stores and were operating online only. Hence, hyperlocal strategies will help companies attract their target markets and increase foot traffic.

How Does a Hyperlocal Marketplace Work?

The hyperlocal marketplace works with the same elements and infrastructure required to form any local markets. For better understanding, you can categorize hyperlocal e-commerce into two different aspects. So, let’s discuss them.

Hyperlocal Services

This category includes all the service sector elements, including home service, laundry service, health medical and associated services, etc.

Hyperlocal Delivery

Hyperlocal delivery consists of all the delivery sector elements, including groceries, food products, home necessities, electronic gadgets, and more.

All of these deliveries and services operate in the marketplace. A hyperlocal market integrates technology and trains the workforce to leverage it. Additionally, the supply chain is the most important aspect of hyperlocal marketing in business. It works with the delivery agencies, who act as a bridge between the available supplies and immediate consumer needs.

Local stores can use mobile app ideas to enjoy the benefits of a hyperlocal strategy. As hyperlocal apps become more popular, they become a dominant line of communication between customers and businesses.

Hyperlocal Marketing Tips

Here are some hyperlocal marketing tips that you must use to your advantage.

Optimize Google My Business Listing

You need to optimize your Google My Business page. It is the most crucial step in hyperlocal marketing. Do you know that 1/3 of all mobile searches on Google are location-specific? This is why you need to provide detailed information about your company. Here are the things you need to include in your listing:

  • Unique and attractive business description with 750 characters. Explain how your business is different from others. Add some relevant keywords in the first 100 words. However, avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Add a variety of high-quality pictures.
  • Give a proper business address.
  • Give a local phone number so that your business appears in local search results.
  • Set your working days and hours.
  • Choose the primary category that sums up your goals, products and services.

Build Local Reviews

You may know mobile searching is always accompanied by reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and other sites. Reviews are the most important component in local search ranking. Small businesses that get a great number of positive reviews can easily beat their competitors and gain more prospective customers. 88% of customers make decisions considering local reviews and personal recommendations, according to one survey.

So, make sure to encourage your customers to give reviews. You can offer free items, special offers or discounts in exchange for reviews. When you receive a good number of reviews, compile them on a special testimonial page where you can showcase all of your reviews.

Target Consumers through Hyperlocal Advertisements

You can use geofencing and location tracking features if you want to get higher advertising ROI and more sales. Additionally, geo-fencing will help you target people in a very specific location. This can help you generate qualified leads. The following are some ways to run your hyperlocal ads.

Target Customers Near Your Business

Specify the location and use your current customer data to launch an advertisement campaign.

Target Individual Travel Buyers

You can target travel shoppers wherever you find them online, such as tourist-heavy destinations, including railway stations, attractions, hotels, airports and other places.

Target Specific Geographic Events

If there is any conference or event in your city and near your location, you can use that to attract customers. Such events can help you increase the demand for any specific services or products and increase your sales.

Target Customers Near Competitor’s Location

You can use this strategy to show the buyers the benefits of shopping with you and not your competitor. You can entice them into buying products/services from you.

Create Hyperlocal Content

If you develop local content, you can increase SEO rankings and sales. The first thing you need to determine is what people want to consume, not what you want to sell. Moreover, you can develop different types of content, such as videos, images, blog posts, academic articles or infographics. If you want to be unique, then entertain and engage your customers with online quizzes.

Make sure to analyze your content. Also, you need to create content that can resonate with your customers. You also need to share all of your content on your LinkedIn, Google My Business pages, Facebook and other websites and social networks.Bottom Line

Hyperlocal marketing is the best way to make more revenue by attracting local customers. This is also great for people who look for services and products near to their location. There is no better time than now to start implementing hyperlocal strategies. 

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