Premise Announces Partnership with Neutronpay, a Premier Digital Payment Platform, Enabling Premise’s Global Users Ease of Payment in Bitcoin

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“Our partnership with Neutronpay allows our Contributors to easily convert and transfer their earnings in Bitcoin,” said Premise CEO Maury Blackman. “Premise remains the unique go-to organization for our customers to gather public data almost instantly
from local citizens from around the globe.”


SAN FRANCISCO, October 19, 2023 Premise, a leading platform for virtually instantaneous public data gathering, affording economic opportunities to its local “Contributors” using their smartphones, today announced its partnership with Neutronpay, a premier digital payment platform specializing in Bitcoin and Lightning Network solutions.

With Neutronpay’s enabling technology, Premise has launched the “Crypto Direct Cash-out” feature, a new payment method that enables its paid global users or “Contributors”, who sign up on a publicly available app, to easily convert and transfer their earnings in Bitcoin.

With this new feature, Premise is further simplifying the process for Contributors to enter the crypto economy with just their engagement, no initial financial investment required. By participating on Premise’s platform, Contributors can effortlessly convert their earnings into Bitcoin and transfer the asset to a supported crypto wallet. This new payment method is a step toward making financial options more inclusive and user-friendly in today’s global monetary landscape.

“Our collaboration with Neutronpay exemplifies our commitment to empowering our Contributors with the choice of which monetary system they wish to engage with, including being paid in their own local currencies, enabling them to take control of their financial future,” Blackman continued.

“Premise continues to be a company that furthers international understanding at a crucial time in world history – by allowing quick access to what local people think and feel, wherever they live in the world.”

Since the introduction of the Crypto Direct Cashout feature, Premise has observed a remarkable adoption among our most active users. A significant 26% of Premise’s power users, those who completed approximately 50 tasks in the month leading up to the launch, have utilized this feature for cashing out, compared to 13% of the broader user base. This early success reflects the positive reaction of Premise’s global community of Contributors in over 140 countries around the globe. It has also encouraged users to explore blockchain technology and the crypto economy. We’re committed to continually enhancing this feature to empower our Contributors in the modern financial ecosystem.

About Premise
Premise is an on-demand insights company. Its technology mobilizes communities of global smartphone users to source actionable data in real-time, cost-effectively, with the visibility needed. In more than 140 countries and 37 languages, Premise finds Data for Every Decision™. To know more, please visit

About Neutronpay
Neutronpay is a prominent Lightning Network service provider leading the way in payment innovation. They offer lightning-fast, borderless transactions for businesses and individuals worldwide. Their comprehensive product suite includes a mobile app and a developer-friendly API, ensuring that users ranging from local startups to multinational enterprises can effortlessly integrate Neutronpay’s solutions. As a gateway to the Bitcoin circular economy, Neutronpay is reshaping the future of transactions. Discover more about their next-gen payment solutions at

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