How Emerging Market Brands Can Ensure Accountability and Actionability for Display Execution

by | Dec 5, 2022

Brands spend millions on displays and promotions in emerging markets – but often can’t track how well stores execute those displays. Without execution compliance data, brands can’t measure their ROI on displays and end up being blind to potential opportunities to increase sales.

Thankfully, there are solutions to improve your display execution rate and formulate more effective approaches. Continue reading to unlock how you can ensure you have a successful execution and can benefit from crowdsourced shopper insights.


Store-Level Transparency Is Key

You can’t fully interpret sales data unless you get visibility into your stores. You depend on your retailers to optimally present your products so your brand can best appeal to shoppers. Without store-level transparency, you can’t know why your sales are going up or down.

Most CPG brands still don’t have the store-level visibility they need to ensure products are correctly priced, placed, and presented.

The problem only gets bigger in emerging markets, where the retail trade is spread across hundreds of thousands of stores – sometimes millions. Most brands rely on distributors to get their products into stores, so they need visibility of what happens inside the store.

That’s why brands like Coca-Cola, Mondelez, PepsiCo, and P&G are switching to an alternative method: Premise In-Store Insights.


Get the Insights You Need for Accountable and Actionable Display Execution

Premise provides actionable insights from a network of over 6 million Contributors all over the globe. Crowdsourced insights you receive come straight from shoppers. You don’t need to wait for an outdated data sample to get metrics for display execution.

In-store insights can also help you drive sales and increase market share. They allow you to fix out of stocks, ensure price compliance, and track product prominence in your stores — and they allow you to spot stores that are incorrectly executing your displays, so you can ensure you always get the return on investment you’re looking for.


What Is Display Execution?

Display execution spans considerations from whether the displays are even present in the target stores up to advanced considerations like display-specific planogram compliance, promotion strategy, and more.

There are two main types of displays — semi-permanent and temporary/seasonal displays. Semi-Permanent displays are well-constructed and predominantly made of durable materials. They’re meant to withstand busy retail environments for up to a year.

Temporary or seasonal displays, like back-to-school or holiday specials, are temporary designs that aren’t meant to last longer than 2-3 months and are constructed out of inexpensive material. Many brands prefer temporary displays to test market solutions, promote new or seasonal products, or increase impulse purchases.

Here are some things you should consider when you measure how effective your display execution strategies are:

  • Are you utilizing end-caps?
    End-cap displays are prime real estate to get your products in front of customers. Brands can’t necessarily control what products are on end-caps, and some stores auction off shelf space. Talk with your retail partners to see how you can get your products on them to increase your sales velocity, share of shelf, and even brand awareness.
  • Do you have any promotional displays or media?
    From standalone point-of-purchase and window displays to clip strips and dump bins, there are many ways to catch your customers’ eyes. Your stores should communicate how you can implement more promotions for your products.
  • How many facings do you have in your stores?
    If you pay for a number of product facings in your stores, you want to ensure your retail partners consistently distribute them. Every facing can be another opportunity to get customers in front of your brand.


How to Measure Store-level Execution With In-Store Insights

So, how can you ensure in-store display executions are followed?

Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Are retailers following your retail execution agreements?
  • What new products are your competitors launching?
  • How do you know whether your stores are accurately presenting your products?

To measure these metrics, you must create a strategy to track them across your brick-and-mortar stores. But you need visibility to these metrics first.

Why You Should Use Modern Market Research Tools

Premise guarantees the insights you receive will arrive quickly, efficiently, and reliably. The world constantly changes, and Premise’s platform changes along with it. You can even get insights in mere hours or a day. So you can pivot or iterate your queries based on what you’ve instantly discovered.


About Premise

Premise is an innovative insights platform that provides agile, actionable, real-time insights. With Premise, you can see where your products sit on retail partners’ shelves and how your competitors perform.

Want to learn how Premise can help you gain complete store transparency? Contact us and get your ticket to complete retail execution visibility.