Gaining Same-Day In-Store Execution Intelligence is Critical for CPGs to Win in Emerging Markets

by | Feb 26, 2024


Across emerging markets, people often shop through smaller, traditional trade outlets. The stores in these regions are mostly independent small retailers, such as mom and pops, kiosks, spazas, etc., and many of them are located in remote areas. The retail landscape is fragmented and complex, and constantly in flux.

Tracking in-store retail executions in the traditional trade market is often extremely challenging for CPG manufacturers. These stores usually only carry a handful of brands and offer less selection of SKUs and products. They also generally lack formal inventory control or stock management. In addition, the store layout in traditional trade is normally less organized and planned than in modern trade.

Compounding the difficulty is that the outlets generally do not have a digital point of sale (POS) technology, which means that the products being sold are not digitally captured and that information cannot be relayed in an easy manner. Furthermore, it is costly and hard for CPGs to send field teams to these remote locations.

CPG brands can not fully interpret sales data without visibility into stores. They depend on their distributors to ensure their products’ on-shelf availability and execute pricing promotions and product launches. Without store-level transparency, CPG brands are unable to know why their sales are going either up or down.

Unlike traditional market research organizations, Premise provides same-day in-store insights in these emerging markets. Leveraging our global network of 6 million Contributors and innovative smartphone technology, the Premise Execution Intelligence solutions can be the brands’ eyes and ears in stores — with photographic evidence, CPG manufacturers can see how products are placed, priced, and promoted across retailers.

With the Premise Availability and Price Tracker, brands can get store-level insights to increase product availability, sales, and margin:

  • Help your distributors succeed by tracking the distribution of your products over time.
  • Receive same-day alerts at the store level to fix out-of-stocks when they happen.
  • Receive a regularly updated list of high-potential stores for your field force to expand distribution.
  • Track the distribution of your newly launched product in stores and markets during product roll-outs.
  • Track yours and your competitors’ prices at the store level.
  • Monitor retailer compliance with temporary price reductions.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your price positioning within the category, and track shifting category prices over time.

With Premise’s same-day data, CPG brands can verify the retail executions and take agile actions to grow market share and sales in emerging markets.

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