What Ridesharing App Insights Can Tell Us

by | Jul 20, 2022


In a transportation industry that’s rebounding from the pandemic economy, industry leaders look for new ways to become profitable while startups hope to emerge as the next runaway billion-dollar buy-in.

Rideshare apps, which initially took a hit due to Covid restrictions, are back up and running similarly to how they were pre-pandemic. Premise, a global insights company, asked 758 Contributors in the US who actively use rideshare apps, how they use certain apps and which platforms they prefer.

Premise reveals insights into how users interact with platforms, which companies are making a splash in the industry, and how the taxi industry affects this new wave of opportunity in the transportation sector.


When surveyed regarding their primary motivations for using rideshare apps, most riders have evenly mixed objectives when it comes to business vs. pleasure. Only 22% use ridesharing solely for business purposes and 34% leverage rideshare for leisure purposes. This left nearly half of users (44%) using ridesharing for both.


When asked how often they use rideshare apps, almost half (47%) of respondents stated that they leveraged various platforms 1-2 times weekly.

Market Share

Participants were asked which platforms they used most often over the last 3 months. A whopping 56% claimed to use Uber, while 35% shared that Lyft was their platform of choice. Rideshare application Via checked in at a distant third with only 3% of users claiming Via as their preferred platform.

Consumer Motivation

Participants were questioned regarding their primary motivations for taking advantage of their preferred rideshare apps. The two primary driving forces behind consumer use were low prices and the overall availability of drivers. These two key factors were followed by time spent waiting for pickups.

   Low Prices      Driver Availability       Wait Time

User Groups

Most rideshare users choose not to opt in to rideshare subscriptions. Participants of the survey were asked whether they were subscribers, and if they were, which app they subscribed to. The majority of users (66%) admitted to NOT having active subscriptions. Of those that DO subscribe, 55% chose subscriptions to Uber One, 32% to Lyft Pink, 7% to ViaPass, and the rest used various other platforms.


44% of rideshare app users admitted that they don’t ever take advantage of shared or pooled rides. However, with pandemic restrictions continuing to lift, 53% shared they are likely (34%) or very likely (19%) to use these services in the near future.

Alternatives/Intersecting Users

An overwhelming majority of survey participants (76%) stated they DO NOT use taxi cab services or any taxi applications.

As time continues to move forward and the travel/transportation industry continues to settle and take on its new post-pandemic form, we look forward to reporting changes and highlighting new trends as new information becomes available.